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Pioneering a new model of health care through cutting-edge, innovative technologies.

Building some of the most innovative technologies in health care has been at the heart of our success in pioneering a new model of care for patients. Our forward-thinking investments in various technology-enabled platforms have fueled the performance and scalability of our coordinated care platforms.


As a result:

 Our patients are healthier
 Our wait times are shorter
 Our providers are even better at the things they do best

Steward deploys its best-in-class Accountable Care Organization (ACO) technology and analytics to support care teams with the information and tools they need to be patient-centric, proactive, and successful. We embed technology seamlessly within internally developed clinical workflows. This drives universal adoption and facilitates continuous quality improvement.

With a relentless focus on leveraging the best technology in the market, our data strategies, consolidated electronic health records, and next generation health care modeling practices have created tremendous value and improved results for both patients and Steward-affiliated providers.

Our technology employs predictive health to improve patient care, and strengthens communication between EMS providers and emergency room personnel. It improves outcomes and reduces adverse events in intensive care settings, and enables patients to maintain better health through a range of telehealth and online physician consultation options.


Steward’s eICU program monitors and analyzes key vital signs of critically ill patients, and patient care staff on the ground save lives by delivering the right care at the right time. Since the implementation of the eICU program, ICU mortality rates have dropped more than 20 percent, and length of stay (LOS) has decreased by more than 10 percent. We also have three proprietary technologies, each of which attacks a different problem facing quality of care, hospital management, and patient experience:

  • Our PLM software relies on data to ensure doctor and nurse staffing levels correspond to patient demand so that we can provide reliable, high-quality care in a timely manner.
  • Steward’s LOS dashboard helps doctors monitor patient recovery in real-time, which allows for patients to be discharged from the hospital without delays.
  • The CARE platform serves as an early detection system that uses data and a sophisticated algorithm to spot the presence of a morbid condition or disease in a patient.

From virtual ICU’s to cutting-edge, patient-facing diagnostic tools and surgical robotics, we’re able to bring world class health care technology to many communities across the country that previously could not benefit from these critical innovations in the medical field.

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