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Our Purpose:

We are fighting for a healthier world and a new era of wellness.

Nearly a decade ago, we set out to build an entirely different kind of health care company from the ground up—one that unlocks access to affordable, high-quality and economically sustainable care and wellness in ways never before imagined. Today, we are the largest private, physician-led health care network—caring for millions of people across the U.S. and beyond. Our transformative, fully integrated model represents a new beginning for America’s health care system and others around the world.

Here's How

Our Model:

Steward’s Transformative Health Care

Over the last decade, Steward Health Care has perfected a unique vertically and horizontally integrated model that achieves the highest quality care, increases patient access, and substantially reduces total medical expenses. We are led by world class physicians and prioritize delivering the best in preventive care to ensure patients are spending more time pursuing healthy, active lives, and less time in the hospital.

Steward Business Model

Our Innovation:

Keeping Patients Healthy and Active in their Communities

Through our community health programs, we seek to respond to major health needs, promote healthy eating and active living, support safer neighborhoods, and improve overall wellness. We build relationships and work with community partners to make measurable, sustainable improvements on important health problems, and actively seek to support vital public services that benefit the community at large.

Steward in the Community

Our Impact:

Pioneering a New Model of Care

Our forward-thinking investments in various technology-enabled platforms have fueled the performance of our coordinated care, and, as a result, our patients are healthier, our wait times are shorter, and our providers are better at what they do best.

Steward innovation