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  • General Overview

    Alcohol abuse, which can progress to alcoholism, is the desire for alcohol and the continuation of drinking even when faced with alcohol-related job, legal, social, health, or family problems. In alcoholism, the individual is physically dependent on the effects of alcohol to avoid symptoms of withdrawal. More
  • Preventing Alcoholism

    What is it about stress that makes people turn to alcohol? Does alcohol help you relax, or can it make matters even worse?
    Binge drinking is one of the most serious problems on college campuses today. Read here to find out more about this disturbing trend and how to help prevent it from happening to your teen.
  • Special Topics

    Whether homes included emotional, psychological, or physical abuse, the scars left by an alcoholic parent often last long into adulthood.
    What are the dangers of drinking while you're pregnant? Read here to find out.
  • True or False?

    True or false: mixing different types of alcohol increases your risk of getting sick
    Is there any truth to the saying, ‘beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before beer, you’re in the clear’?
    True or false: women get drunker than men
    Should a girl try to keep up with the guys while drinking at a party? Though some people think otherwise, women and men do process alcohol differently.
    True or false: you can cure a hangover
    Just as you can’t sober up by taking a cold shower and having a cup of black coffee, there is no simple remedy for a hangover.
  • Natural and Alternative Treatments (By Condition

  • Alcoholics Anonymous

    National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

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