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Evaluation of Addition of Dexamethasone to Transversus Abdominis Plane (TAP) Peripheral Nerve Block: Does it Enhance the Quality and Duration of Analgesia?

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Trial Conditions
  • Prostate CA
What is the purpose of this trial?

Transversus abdominis plane (TAP) blocks are increasingly being performed after abdominal surgery to provide post operative analgesia. Dexamethasone has demonstrated an ability to prolong the effective duration of analgesia in several different peripheral nerve blocks. The study will examine, in a blinded, prospective and randomized fashion, whether the addition of dexamethasone to TAP blocks similarly prolongs blockade and pain relief. The study will compare local anesthetic with and without the addition of dexamethasone in the TAP block.

Date & Status


Who can Participate?


18  - 85 



Inclusion Criteria:

- Male patients, between ages 18-85 years old, undergoing Robot-assisted laparoscopic
prostatectomy by a single surgeon at a single hospital.

- Subjects are physically and mentally able to participate in the study.

- Subjects are able to give fully informed consent to participating in this study after
demonstrating good understanding of the risks and benefits of the proposed components
of the TAP block.

Exclusion Criteria:

- Demonstrated hypersensitivity or allergy to local anesthetics or dexamethasone.

- Any subject whose anatomy, or surgical procedure, in the opinion of the
investigator, might preclude the potential successful performance of a TAP block.

- Any subject, who in the opinion of the investigator, might be harmed or be a poor
candidate for participation in the study.

Gender: Male
Steward Physician(s)
  • Andrew Sternlicht, MD
Trial Interventions
  • Dexamethasone
  • TAP block
Physician Researcher

Investigator Name:

  • Andrew Sternlicht, MD

Other Information

Sponsor: Steward St. Elizabeth's Medical Center of Boston, Inc.
Phase: N/A
Trial ID: NCT01303003
Volunteers:  Not Accepting Healthy Volunteers

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