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St. Elizabeth's MaternityAfter months of waiting for a new person to enter your life, finally, the big event is about to happen. Childbirth is a wonderful experience that requires adjustment for your entire family.  Preparing you for life with your baby is something we do best.

From the time you arrive at St. Elizabeth’s, professional, experienced nurses are assigned to take care of you. They will get to know you and your family, taking a personal interest to make sure your needs are met. You should know that everyone at St. Elizabeth’s is committed to being your caregiver, coach, educator and support person helping you with the birth of your baby and seeing that you are ready for this next chapter in your life.

You may have taken some of our prenatal education classes and still there is more you want to learn. You can watch our Newborn Channel any time, in English or Spanish, and get advice from experts on caring for your baby. And if you have any questions, just ask your nurse who will spend the time needed to ensure you understand and feel confident in your new role as a mom.

If you choose breastfeeding, we’re here to help. Our nursing staff is trained to coach you as you adjust to the routine of feeding your baby.  Your baby can “room in” with you at any time for as much time as you decide so you can cuddle, feed or just admire your newborn. And when you need time for yourself, our staffed nursery is always available for your baby. Before you go home, our nutrition and food services staff will prepare a special meal for you and your support person to mark the special occasion.

Feeling Safe and Secure

Safety is one of our top priorities at St. Elizabeth’s. We have invested in the most sophisticated electronic security system available, including security tags for baby, ID bands for mother, baby and your support person, and special staff IDs. All of these measures are designed to give you the peace of mind needed for a restful stay. We respect your privacy and will not give out any information about you or your delivery. Please plan for your partner to share news with your friends and family.


St. Elizabeth’s is a family hospital, which is why we encourage the support and encouragement of your friends and family.  We encourage visitors, but also respect your need for rest. This is your birth experience and you and your partner can decide who you want to see and how often.

Of course, we request that friends and family all be healthy when they visit. And, children are always welcome to visit and should be supervised by an adult. 

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Labor and Delivery Room at St. Elizabeth'sCall 617-562-7050 to schedule an in-person tour. Click through to learn about St. Elizabeth's Maternity Department staff, medical equipment and facility.

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Maternity TeamThe maternity team at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center includes experienced physicians, nurse-midwives and registered nurses.

Maternity Services

Maternity ServicesSt. Elizabeth's Medical Center offers a wide range of maternity services.

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Maternity Services at St. Elizabeth's Our pregnancy checklist and guide to birth certificates will help you have a successful pregnancy

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St. Elizabeth's Maternity PatientsHear what some of our patients have to say about their time with St. Elizabeth's Maternity Department.

For more information on St. Elizabeth's maternity services, contact the Women's Health Pavilion at 617-562-7007. Find more contact information here.

Steward Maternity Services accepts most major health insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare.

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