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To learn more about our services, please call our Midwifery Service at 617-562-7007.

St. Elizabeth's Medical Center offers women – beginning in the teenage years through menopause and beyond – the option of choosing a nurse-midwife for their gynecologic and obstetric care, including annual pelvic and breast exams, preconception counseling, prenatal care, postpartum care, and breastfeeding support.

Our certified midwives offer women special skills and an understanding of their unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs. She welcomes questions and will take the time to listen to you and talk with you. Nurse-midwifery care focuses on maintaining health and encouraging women to make informed decisions about their health care, providing personalized safe health care at its best.

Our Services

When you decide to visit a midwife at St. Elizabeth’s, you can expect a special kind of care. Our midwives dedicate time to actively listen to patients and families. Rather than serving as a provider, directing your care, midwives strive to become partners in your care, ensuring you are well informed and comfortable in making your own decisions. The goals of St. Elizabeth’s midwives are to listen to, care for, and empower women and their families throughout the complete woman’s health life cycle. Our experienced midwives are trained to recognize complications early and refer you for appropriate treatment. With a St. Elizabeth’s midwife, you’ll receive high quality medical care and compassionate, personal support.

St. Elizabeth’s midwives serve women from all walks of life and many are bilingual, offering services in French, English, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese. Also, interpreter services are available for patients who speak any language. Call us at 617-562-7007.

Midwives: Myth vs. Fact

Myth: Midwives help women have home births.

Fact: Midwives help women have births wherever they are comfortable; at home, in a clinic, in a private office, at a birthing center or in a hospital setting. More than 97 percent of births with midwives take place in a hospital.

Myth: Midwives assist women with pregnancy and labor and delivery.

Fact: Midwives assist women with general gynecology, prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postpartum care; the full scope of women’s health.

Myth: Health insurance does not cover midwifery services.

Fact: All health insurance plans in Massachusetts cover midwifery services.

Myth: Midwives are not licensed medical professionals.

Fact: Midwives are licensed professionals. In fact, St. Elizabeth’s certified nurse-midwives (CNM) are registered nurses who hold a master’s degree and who have passed a national certification exam. They also meet requirements to hold a state license to practice as a CNM. Nurse-midwives are highly trained professionals and can prescribe medication and make referrals. Midwifery services are on the rise as more women seek the personal care midwives offer. Women seek midwives for family planning, prenatal care, birth, postpartum care, vaginal infections, menopause and other gynecological care.


Sound decisions are integral to good health care, and midwives want you to take an active role in making the right choices for you and your family. Learn more about midwifery, women's health and your choices at


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Labor and Delivery Room at St. Elizabeth'sCall 617-562-7050 to schedule an in-person tour. Click through to learn about St. Elizabeth's Maternity Department staff, medical equipment and facility.

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Maternity TeamThe maternity team at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center includes experienced physicians, nurse-midwives and registered nurses.

Maternity Services

Maternity ServicesSt. Elizabeth's Medical Center offers a wide range of maternity services.

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Maternity Services at St. Elizabeth's Our pregnancy checklist and guide to birth certificates will help you have a successful pregnancy.

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St. Elizabeth's Maternity PatientsHear what some of our patients have to say about their time with St. Elizabeth's Maternity Department.

For more information on St. Elizabeth's maternity services, contact the Women's Health Pavilion at 617-562-7007. Find more contact information here.

Steward Maternity Services accepts most major health insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare.

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