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Electrophysiology (EP) Services at St. Elizabeth's

St. Elizabeth’s arrhythmia and electrophysiology (EP) service provides the latest diagnostic assessment, and medical and surgical treatments for patients with arrhythmia.

While nearly everyone’s heart “skips a beat” at one time or another, usually a harmless event, more than five million Americans have regular episodes of rapid heartbeats caused by disturbances in the heart’s electrical system. Arrhythmias, especially atrial fibrillation that is not properly diagnosed and treated, are the most common cause of stroke in a growing number of younger and older patients.

Our EP service offers patients the latest medical treatments using state-of-the-art technology, new surgical techniques, and defibrillator and pacemaker implantation to manage arrhythmia.

In addition, we work closely with the medical center’s heart failure program, helping patients with this condition improve their heart function and quality of life. As part of St. Elizabeth’s integrated cardiac program, EP physicians work closely with heart failure and stroke experts along with cardiothoracic surgeons, to provide the best treatment, care and outcomes.

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