Steward Multiple Sclerosis Institute

Dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis patients.

Steward® MS Services at the MS Center at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center offers a highly personalized array of multiple sclerosis (MS) services to Massachusetts' patients. Our expert specialists provide comprehensive consultation and diagnosis, individualized symptom management, and counseling services in a compassionate, caring environment.

Our mission is to optimize quality of life through a customized treatment plan, support services and education for people living with MS, their families, and caregivers. We believe that this chronic disease warrants a multidisciplinary team of specialized physicians and health care professionals to assess patients, offer treatment, manage symptoms, ward off disability when possible, and sustain overall wellness.

In addition, we complement our dedication to the care of individuals with MS by offering a large variety of clinical research trials relating to new treatments and symptom management.

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