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What does Steward® look for in hospital acquisition?

Steward is working to create networks of hospitals that are concentrated in a geographic region. This concentration allows the hospitals to generate operational synergies and share resources to enhance financial stability and provide a wider range of services to patients.

What benefits does Steward offer to hospitals that join their network?

Steward is committed to implementing health care IT initiatives at all of the hospitals in the system. These initiatives provide electronic health record and computerized physician order entry systems to hospitals and physicians. These systems have been proven to increase efficiency, improve quality and reduce potentially harmful medical errors. In addition, Steward's leadership team provides extensive experience in financial turnarounds and successful hospital operations and can provide capital for facility upgrades and infrastructure improvements.

Does Steward only run Catholic hospitals?

No. Steward Health Care System's philosophy applies to both religious and non-religious hospitals. We believe the religious identity of a hospital should be determined by the will of the community, and both religious and non-religious hospitals can benefit from joining the Steward system.

What is Steward's vision for its hospitals?

Steward believes in bringing modern facilities, world class doctors and state-of-the-art technology into the communities where people live. We believe that community hospitals are an integral part of the community fabric and they need to be funded, staffed and equipped to meet the needs of the people they serve

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