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Preparing for a Sleep Study

What is involved in a sleep study?

The Centers for Sleep Medicine offer comfortable, private rooms dedicated to sleep testing.  Comprehensive overnight sleep studies are conducted in these rooms, which allow patients to be monitored by noninvasive equipment that measures sleep, respiration, snoring, muscle activity, heart rhythm and position. These rooms include televisions, Posturepedic mattresses, private bathrooms and showers.

Sleep evaluations are arranged around our patients’ schedules.  On the day of the sleep study, we ask patients to:

  • Refrain from drinking caffeinated beverages or nap after 12 noon
  • Wash hair, shower and shave before coming in as this helps us obtain quality signals throughout the night
  • Bring a list of medications, including names and doses
  • Pack a book, favorite pillow or blanket
  • Wear pajamas that have a separate top and bottom to accommodate the monitoring sensors

Some patients may also be scheduled for a “nap” study (multiple sleep latency test) or maintenance of wakefulness test on the day following the overnight sleep study.  For these patients, meals will be provided throughout the day.  Also, patients will have free time between the five scheduled naps. Televisions and DVD players are available for use. Patients have to remain at the Sleep Center throughout the day, but may make telephone calls.

What happens after a sleep study?

The results are analyzed and reviewed by a physician.  After reviewing this information, our certified sleep specialists will work with you to assess your symptoms, determine the cause of your sleep disorder and develop a personalized treatment program. 

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