What is a PET Scan?

PET ScanA PET/CT scan is an essential non-invasive, state-of-art, diagnostic tool that is used to pinpoint the source of cancer, heart and neurological diseases, as well as others.

This is done through a powerful imaging technology that provides you and your physician with metabolic images of the disease. Together with the anatomical information from a CT scan, these two modalities supply you and your physician with key information about your disease. PET/CT scans also can help physicians determine if disease is present even before other symptoms occur.

In oncology, PET/CT can detect primary tumors, help determine the spread of your disease and also detect tumor growth in the rest of your body. Many doctors feel that PET/CT is a standard in oncologic care.

In neurology, PET/CT can detect early changes in brain tissue function in Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementias.

In heart disease, PET/CT is the most accurate test to reveal coronary artery disease or rule out its presence.

An example of how PET/CT works is the case of a 34-year-old woman who had recovered from ovarian cancer. Her quarterly blood results showed a slight increase in her tumor marker levels. Her doctor suggested a PET/CT  scan. The PET/CT scan revealed that the cancer had recurred in her chest, so therapy was resumed.

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