Preparing for your PET CT scan

  • All patients are to drink only plain, non-flavored water during their fast, no gum, hard candy, coffee, or flavored water. 
  • You may have all the water you wish along with any of your medicines, if you must take food with your medications, please take it with one or two crackers at least three hours prior to your appointment.
  • Your last meal before you fast should be high in protein (meat, cheese, eggs) and low in carbohydrates (sugar, pasta, bread). 
  • You should avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hour prior to your appointment. 
  • You should remove all jewelry except for rings prior to arriving for you PET scan. 
  • Wear clothing that does not have metal to include zippers, snaps, and under-wire bras. 
  • Please bring copies (film or disks) of your most recent scans.

Non-diabetic patients

  • You must fast for six hours prior to your appointment

Diabetic patients

  • You must take diabetic medications at exactly four hours prior to their appointment.  You will then need to fast with the exception of water for the next four hours.

If you are claustrophobic or anxious, ask your physician for an anti-anxiety medication to bring with you, do not take this until directed by the technologist.

Plan to be at your appointment for about two hours, the first hour involves an injection (there are no side effects from the injection) and relaxing in a recliner. The actual scan takes about thirty minutes.  Depending on where you are being scanned, you may be asked to drink an oral contrast prior to the scan. This oral contract is not chalky or thick.

You may resume normal activities after your PET/CT scan, try to avoid close contact (less that three feet) with pregnant women and/or children under five years old until the next morning.

If you have any questions, or need to reschedule, please call our schedulers at: 877-877-8455.

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