Current Resident Rotations at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center

1st Year:

Podiatric Med/Surg 29 weeks
Emergency Medicine 6 weeks
General Surgery 3 weeks
Anesthesia 2 weeks
Medical Imaging 2 weeks
Internal Medicine 6 weeks
Behavioral Medicine 2 weeks
Infectious Disease 2 weeks

2nd Year:

Podiatric Med/Surg 45 weeks
Pain Clinic 2 weeks
Wound Care 2 weeks (also on case by case basis throughout residency)
Vascular Surgery 2 weeks

3rd Year:

Podiatric Med / Surg 12 months

*Coverage for orthopedic and plastic surgery on case-by-case basis throughout residency.

**Pathology is an ongoing rotation for all residents which convenes quarterly and on a case-by-case basis as needed.

In addition to St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, the residents rotate through several other regional healthcare facilities. These include New England Surgicare/New England Baptist Hospital, Carney Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, Emerson Hospital and Boston Outpatient Surgical Suites.

Site Supervisor
Good Samaritan Hospital Scott Aronson, DPM
Emerson Hospital Greg Catalano, DPM
New England Baptist/Surgicare Ken Leavitt, DPM
Carney Hospital Mark Lawrence, DPM
Boston Outpatient Surgical Suites John Hester, DPM

Evaluations and CPME Requirements

Residents are required to undergo periodic evaluation, as per the Council on Podiatric Medical Education Guidelines. These evaluations are used not only to evaluate the residents, but also to evaluate and assess the capabilities of meeting the competencies established for these rotations by the instructors/supervisors. The director of the specific rotation and/or their designee provides the evaluation through observation of the resident. Evaluation forms are open to inspection by the individual resident, the director and the Council on Podiatric Medical Education. Residents are recommended to periodically review their evaluations and to appeal or remediate as is necessary. Upon satisfactory completion of all mandatory rotations and demonstrated clinical and surgical competence, the resident is awarded a certificate verifying completion of the training program.

PMSR with RRA Requirements

Case Activities:

Podiatric clinic / office 1000
Podiatric surgery 300
Trauma 50 (25 foot/ankle)
Podopediatrics 25
Biomechanics cases 75
Comprehensive H&P’s 50

Procedure Activities: minimum 400:

Digital 80
1st Ray 60
Other soft tissue 5
Other osseous 40
Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle 50


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