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Health Careers Opportunity Program

The Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP) focuses on teaching the skills necessary for success in general education, nursing and allied health courses.
Students with the following minimum scores will be placed into HCOP courses: Reading Comprehension- 60, Sentence Skills- 70, and Arithmetic- 35. 
The following minimum scores on the Accuplacer Test will be required for placement into general education courses: Reading Comprehension- 80, Sentence Skills- 90, and Arithmetic- 55. 

HCOP courses include:

  • HCP 100, a foundations course addressing strategies for academic success to ensure transition into a health care program with its rigorous demands (3 credits) A student who places into any area of HCOP is required to take HCP 100.
  • HRE 100, a basic level course integrating reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing concepts and skills (6 credits)
  • HRE 800, a more advanced level course that integrates reading comprehension and academic writing concepts and skills (6 credits)
  • HCM 100, a basic math course (3 credits)
  • Detailed course descriptions

HCOP Sequencing and Grading

  • HCOP course requirements must be successfully completed prior to enrollment in general education courses. If a student has successfully completed all but one remaining HCOP requirement, the remaining HCOP requirement may be taken concurrently with 100-level course(s).
  • HCOP courses are evaluated with letter grades from “A” through “F”. A final course grade of “C” or better must be achieved to fulfill any HCOP course requirement. HCOP course grades are not calculated into a student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA).
  • Students who score between 70 and 89 on the sentence skills test and who wish to receive transfer credit for ENG 101 (English Composition) are required to sit for a writing sample assessment. If the student is deemed proficient, transfer credit for ENG 101 will be awarded. Upon successful completion of HRE 800, students who are required to sit for the writing sample assessment should contact the Coordinator of Health Care Opportunities Program to arrange for the assessment.


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