Behavioral Health at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center

St. Elizabeth's Medical Center Behavioral Health

St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center’s behavioral health services program is dedicated to helping adults and adolescents by providing a full range of inpatient and outpatient treatment options. Our comprehensive services, overseen by chair of psychiatry, Chitra Malur, MD, focus on treating the individual to help them restore balance and a sense of well-being in their lives.

The general medical center setting also offers many other advantages toward a complete plan of care. As a community teaching hospital, St. Elizabeth’s is able to address any medical problems that may accompany a patient’s mental illness and we offers a consult service to patients located in the medical and surgical beds in the hospital. Our behavioral health services include:

Outpatient Behavioral Health and Electroconvulsive Therapy Services

At St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, we offer electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), a well-established, safe and accepted medical procedure for the treatment of many mental and emotional conditions. Our highly trained practitioners see patients within a timely manner from the time an appointment is scheduled.

Other outpatient behavioral health services offered at St. Elizabeth’s include medication management, elder services, and individual, couples, group and family counseling to individuals over the age of 18.

Adult Psychiatry Partial Hospitalization Program

The Adult Psychiatry Partial Hospitalization Program at St. Elizabeth's offers intensive psycho-therapeutic support for patients who do not require inpatient care, but for those who benefit from once-a-week or once-a-month treatment. Suitable candidates for this program are individuals who are generally capable of living independently, but who are temporarily struggling with some specific, disabling problem or concern. Family members and loved ones are involved with a patient's treatment whenever possible and appropriate.

Some of the conditions treated include:

  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Bipolar or other mood disorder

The Partial Hospitalization Program is open Monday through Friday from 9:15 a.m. to 3 p.m. Each week a diverse selection of multifaceted small groups is offered.

Inpatient Adult Behavioral Health Services

St. Elizabeth’s mission is to provide comfortable quality care to individuals in need of an inpatient psychiatric setting. Our focus of patient treatment is on diagnostic assessment, reduction of acute symptoms and development of an aftercare plan. The inpatient program is a secure 32-bed adult psychiatric unit.

Our program offers a structured environment with daily programming and a multidisciplinary team approach to care, which includes a psychiatrist, nurses, social workers, activity therapists, physical and occupational therapists, and mental health professionals. Consultations are available from neurologists, psychologists, addiction specialists, nutritionists and other health care professionals.

Geriatric Psychiatry

St. Elizabeth's Medical Center Behavioral Health

Sensory room at St. Elizabeth’s Geriatric Psychiatry Program located at Carney Hospital.

The St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center Geriatric Psychiatry Program offers individualized care in a warm, secure and supportive environment. Our new state-of-the-art facility, located on the premises of Carney Hospital, has been designed to meet the specific and unique needs of older adults. Our dedicated multidisciplinary team of geriatric specialists works with the patient, family, and referring health care professionals to develop a course of treatment that promotes recovery. Our program offers an array of therapeutic activities, including pet therapy and music therapy, and groups geared to preserving function and optimizing our patients’ well-being.

We care for patients ages 55 and older who present with a variety of acute behavioral health conditions, including complications associated with dementia, depression, anxiety, bipolar illness and psychotic disorders. The hallmark of the program is the daily care each patient receives from an exceptional team of geriatric professionals, combined with the extensive diagnostic services available in our hospital setting, with the goal of promoting the best possible recovery.

Our services are covered in whole or part by most major insurance plans and Medicare. As plans vary in coverage, family members and individuals are encouraged to discuss details with our staff and the hospital financial services department at 617-789-2700.

For admission and referral information, please call 617-506-4520.

All inquiries and referrals are strictly confidential. The St. Elizabeth’s Geriatric Psychiatry Program is located at Carney Hospital, 2100 Dorchester Avenue, Fourth Floor, Dorchester, MA 02124.


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